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Located at 3300 masl to the west of Cusco in the district of Maras, in the province of Urubamba. Its main attraction are the salt mines, consisting of 3000 wells with an area of 5m2 each. In times of drought these wells are filled with salt water from a natural spring and when the water evaporates the salt crystallizes.

Maras, was the most important supplier of salt at the time of the viceroyalty, reflected in its buildings such as the church and houses that preserve the shields of the Inca nobility.

Moray, famous for its circular system of terraces, in the form of concentric rings where each circle comprises a terrace that overlaps another, was possibly an agricultural laboratory where experiments were carried out at different heights, gradually generating a different microclimate on each walk.


Located at 3750 masl, in the district of Maras, province of Urubamba. Misminay, whose meaning is the action of preparing the wool fiber to spin it, is a cheerful town of colorful clothing. Upon arrival in the community you will have a warm welcome with music and dance.



  • Explanation about the formation and extraction of salt.
  • Demonstration of the elaboration of chicha, ancestral drink in the Andean culture.
  • Visit to Moray.
  • Enjoy musical stories at night.

On request you can make or see:

  • Salt extraction.
  • Craft work with the leaves of the corn, known as “panoja”(making baskets)


  • Tourism in Sonia Huaman´s House: 9 rooms (2 double, 4 triple, 2 doubles and 1 single) and 3 shared bathrooms and hot water.

  • Tourism in Casa de Isabel Auccacusi´s House: 11 rooms (4 double, 2 triple, 2 double and 3 single) and 4 shared bathrooms and hot water.

  • Tourism in Miriam Cuba´s House: 3 rooms (1 triple, 1 double and 1 simple) and 1 shared bathroom.


    Dining room- kitchen
    Hot water
    Shared bathrooms

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    Location : Maras,
    Cusco - Peru


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