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Willoq and Patacancha (2800 masl) are located in Ollantaytambo in the province of Urubamba.

Its inhabitants live under the same customs of the past, a reflection of culture and authenticity, they maintain the techniques of work in agriculture, in the manufacture of their clothes and grazing.

This trip to the past in Ollantaytambo will give us the opportunity to learn more about religiosity, the military and agricultural organization of the Incas. The complexity of its architecture makes us understand that the Incas had a high knowledge in engineering, hydraulics, agriculture and astronomy.

We will appreciate its agricultural organization in the "qolcas" (barns) distributed in the highest part, its water sources, in whose channels the passage of the water can be observed; and its imposing buildings with turrets and walls of impressive height reflect that it was a highly organized military base. In the same way, its archaeological and religious remains make us admire how the light of the moon and the sun duly projected, marked each rite and religious festival, at different times of the year.

It is possible that the name comes from Ollanta, in honor of a general of the Inca Empire in the times of the Inca Pachacuteq, who is the protagonist of the recognized "Drama Ollantay" (of anonymous origin and whose preservation is due to the oral tradition of the Inca people until its publication in the eighteenth century), which tells the story of love between General Ollantay and Cusi Coullor, the beautiful daughter of the Inca Pachacuteq, whose story takes place in Ollantaytambo.


  • Willoq: Participate in loom workshops.
  • Patacancha: Participate in the demonstration of the use of their agricultural tools such as the chaquitaclla

Upon special request, you will be able to witness the Llamachuyai ceremony, a reproduction offering where the llamas are grouped and an offering is made to the Pachamama.



  • Tourism in Crisóstomo Sinchi Puma´s house: 04 rooms (3 doubles, 1 single)

  • Tourism in Pablo Sinchi Puma´s house: 04 rooms (2 doubles, 1 single, 1 triple)

  • Tourism in Jerónima Sinchi Puma´s house: 06 rooms (4 doubles,2 singles)

  • Tourism in Jesús Laucata Sinchi´s house: 05 rooms (4 doubles, 1 single)

  • Tourism in Echami Melo´s house: 03 rooms (2 doubles, 1 single)

  • Tourism in Gabriel Quispe Echami´s house: 03 rooms (3 doubles)

  • Tourism in Julián Laucata Mamani´s house: 03 rooms (3 doubles)

  • Tourism in Aparacio Huaman Mamani´s house: 02 rooms (2 doubles)


  • Tourism in Juan Yupanqui Quispe´s house: : with 05 rooms (1 double, 1 triple, 2 doubles and 1 single)

  • Tourism in Lorenzo Yupanqui Sinchi´s house: with 03 rooms (1 double, 1 double and 1 single)

  • Tourism in Juan Yupanqui Quispe House´s house: : with 03 rooms (1 double, 1 double and 1 single)

  • Tourism in Santos Huamán Huillca´s house: with 9 rooms (3 double, 4 double and 2 single)


    Dining room- kitchen
    Shared bathrooms
    Solar shower

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    Location : Ollantaytambo,
    Cusco - Peru


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