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The Project

Our project is to improve the quality of life of Andean people through rural community tourism, bringing tourists with them to share their daily activities such as: agriculture, textile, Andean rituals, livestock, traditional medicine, dances and others.

Since 2004, we had the challenge of bringing the inhabitants closer to sustainable tourism. The first challenge was to build with them basic infrastructure to welcome travelers who want to know and share their daily activities.

Through micro loans we improve their homes together so they have simple but clean rooms, beds and bathrooms, a dining room where they can share with their visitors their food and products as well as share their customs and way of life in the Andes.

In addition to this, the residents were trained with cooking courses and tourist attention to make the experience for them and their visitors pleasant and beneficial.


The Patronato de Cultura Machupicchu:

  • Work with various partners to create tourist circuits that allow them to arrive and stay in these communities with a minimum duration of one night to achieve a unique and authentic cultural exchange. This exchange will improve the quality of life of these people as they will receive a fair and equitable payment for the services provided to their visitors.
  • Promote solidarity and volunteer trips to support and continue with this project.
  • Promote the services of the communities that make up the project through a web platform where visitors can book and pay easily.
  • Perform permanent training and advisory actions to improve the service and offer to tourists.


We work with the families of the communities of:

  • Sacred Valley: Chinchero, Maras, Huchuyqosqo, Patabamba, Patacancha.
  • Lares Valley: Cochayoc, Huacahuasi, Challhuacocha.
  • Titicaca Lake: Llachón.

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